12 February 2013

5 Maintenance Tips to Make Your Playground Safe for Spring/Summer

It is vital that your playground equipment is safe and ready for the warmer months ahead. Children will soon flock to play areas all over the country as they can finally enjoy their playground equipment without getting soaked in mud.

However, with this surge of playground users comes a greater importance and emphasis on the safety of your playground equipment.

Here are 5 tips to get your playground safe and ready for Spring/Summer:

  1. Start Planning Early – Don’t put the idea on the shelf and leave it too late. Start preparing early so that your playground equipment is safe and ready for the barrage of children set to embark on it. They will be there before you know it!
  2. Book an Annual Inspection – An inspection of your play equipment forms a very important link between you, the users and the safety of your play area. In my experience, a regular inspection regime can also reduce general maintenance costs. An Annual Inspection by one of Playdale’s qualified RPII Inspectors only costs £195 which will ensure that your playground equipment meets current safety standards to BS EN1176. 
  3. Weekly Checks – Carry out your own weekly checks on your playground equipment. This will help keep maintenance costs down and ensure that your playground is kept at its best. If your playground is heavily used daily checks are recommended.
  4. Get Training – Playdale offer training and consultation packages to give you tips and advice on how to conduct inspections. One of our fully qualified RPII Inspectors will spend 1-2 hours showing you exactly what you need to do.
  5. Upgrade your Equipment – Budgets may be tight at the moment, but why not add some new, low-cost items to your playground. Playground fillers from our dynamic ‘Movers’ range are perfect additions.
If you follow these tips you are sure to have the safest, most exciting playground in the area this Spring/Summer!

For more information on maintenance and inspections, CLICK HERE  to book your Annual Inspection now CLICK HERE

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