9 November 2011

Electronic playgrounds measure energy expenditure

In a ground-breaking development, new technology in electronic playground equipment can now measure the amount of calories burned by users.

The latest addition to the i.play unit, from Playdale, has made the electronic play system even more covetable among communities and health professionals, as it is now able to provide evidence-based feedback. Purchasers can access an online users’ area, linked to their own unit, that displays invaluable usage data including the number of games played, the total number of calories burned and the distance covered by players running between switches during the fast-paced game.

The i.play was developed in response to growing concerns over childhood obesity and brings a technological edge to the traditional playground, in a bid to appeal to today’s computer-obsessed children. With more than 60 units installed throughout the UK and Ireland, the innovative play equipment is already proving effective in improving children's health, but this new advance will enable purchasers to measure its success even more accurately.

Presenting these statistics to the local community could prove hugely beneficial in communicating efforts to engage youngsters in stimulating activities that improve their fitness levels, and the health of the whole community - if the popularity of i.play is anything to go by!

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