18 January 2012

Hey Hey we're the Monkeys!

Many products tend to have an expiry date nowadays, with new fads, updates, gadgets and advances in technology constantly changing what’s hot and what’s not. So how do timeless classics brush off the impending force of advancement and still manage to not only hold their own in the market, but thrive under the pressures of ‘shelf-life’?

Monkey bars are a piece of playground equipment that has stood the test of time. Playgrounds, along with many things in society, have changed and developed over the years. There have been ground-breaking advancements in electronic play and cutting edge designs; however monkey bars are still one of the most used pieces of playground equipment. Tarzan wannabes can be seen swinging from playgrounds all over the country and will remain to do so for years to come.

Health and fitness has been at the forefront of playground design in recent years, and with child obesity issues being a hot topic, it is more important than ever for children to get themselves outdoors and exercising. Monkey bars provide excellent physical and technical challenges that promote upper body strength, balance and coordination.

Check out Playdale’s Adventure Trail range on our website for more information and the many different ways that you can fit a brand new set of monkey bars into your playground.

Go on, get out there and monkey around!

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