26 January 2012

Video Games vs. Climbing Frames

My mum used to say to me, along with many others I presume: “You’ll get square eyes watching the TV for that long”.

Fortunately this never happened, although I do remember pondering and worrying about the idea many a time. The effect that this fabricated statement did have on me however, was give me an added incentive to get my wellies on and embark on countless days of fun and adventure.

This doesn’t seem to be the case anymore. Modern technology has sabotaged children’s outdoor play schedules, as they opt for the latest video games rather than climbing frames.
A recent study from Play England charity revealed that, out of 2000 children, 1 in 5 youngsters don’t go outside to play. How times have changed!

This staggering figure can be put down to a number of different reasons, ranging from games consoles to parental laziness. But what I struggle to understand is why children are sitting in the confines of their bedrooms playing the latest ‘shoot ‘em up’ (and why parents would be happy for them to do so) when they could be having a great time running around in the park? I absolutely loved playing out when I was younger and it was very rare that you would find me without a football attached to my foot or dangling from the top of a climbing frame like a possessed chimpanzee.

Obviously I understand, and have on many occasions been attracted to the lure of the PlayStation and Xbox; but the playground equipment that is available to children nowadays is phenomenal and constantly developing. Products like the Aero Tilt, Rota Glide and Air Glider are fantastic, exciting and dynamic products that weren’t available when I was younger. Not to mention the ground-breaking i-play that has completely revolutionised children’s outdoor play.

It isn’t right that some children are missing out on so much fun, and with the growing concerns about childhood obesity we need to be embracing the great outdoors.

So to all of the parents who think that their children are truly happy sat by themselves playing on the computer; put your boots on, take them to the park and let them loose on some cracking playground equipment!

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  1. I am glad that you enjoyed the post and continue to follow us!

  2. Yes they have become more popular, it's great to see people taking action to get their children outside to play.

  3. Great article! I will definitely post this on my twitter account for people to read!

  4. Thanks Brittnei, I'm glad you enjoyed it!