27 February 2012

Make Someone Smile

I once bought two meat and potato pies and as I casually strolled down the street, filling my face with pastry, I walked past a homeless man sat on the pavement. I’m not sure whether it was my charitable side or simply the guilt that I had been greedy and bought two pies; but I gave one to the very grateful man and went about my day.

Charity comes in all forms, and in a materialistic world where people are judged on their possessions; how much money they earn, the clothes they wear and the car they drive; charity is a beautiful and priceless thing. The world passes many people by without realising how privileged they really are. It’s just the way it is.

I have recently been inspired by a member of staff at Playdale, Mick O’Doherty, who embarked on a selfless mission to make a real difference to people who don’t have the privileges that we have.
Mick recently took part in a charity trip to Tondo, one of the poorest regions of Manila in the Philippines. Along with a group of volunteers from Sholing Technology College, Mick helped to build two new playgrounds in the middle of a tenement housing estate that occupies an unbelievable 15,000 residents within half a square mile.

The children in this area grow up in poverty and have probably never seen a climbing frame or a slide before, so installing products like the Adventure Trail, Rope Walk, Ladder Walk, and Swinging Steps will have been very warmly welcomed by the children.

Mick’s inspiration to join the project was to give the children something that we may take for granted, and provide the community with a safe place for their children to play.

It really goes to show what can be done to make some people’s lives that little bit better. Whether it is building a playground in a deprived country, or simply giving someone your last Rolo; we should all play our part to make the world a better place.

Mick said: “You should always try to give more in life than you take out of it”.

Here, Here!

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