8 May 2012

"Life must be lived as Play"

One of my Grandad’s favourite sayings is: “Everyone grows old, not everyone grows up”.

I seem to have inherited his nonchalant view on growing up and can’t seem to shake the inner child in me. After all, what is the point in life if you can’t live it with a smile on your face?

I’m sure I am not the only person who struggles to walk past a puddle without a mischievous thought creeping into my head!

So when I came across this picture of two elderly gentlemen succumbing to the lure of playground swings it was a breath of fresh air. It helps to remind people not to take life too seriously, that we all were once a happy, care-free child and we should enjoy the time we have.

Whether you decide to take that naughty leap into a dirty puddle, resulting in an unscheduled trip to the dry cleaners, or jump on an aerial runway at your local park; try to remember that ‘Life must be lived as Play’.


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