20 July 2012

More than just the Games

Stepping up onto the podium to a rapture of applause; your nation’s national anthem bursting through the stadium speaker system; taking a bow as you are presented with your winners medal; rushes of adrenaline pumping through your body as you slowly begin to realise…..you are the champion of the world!

What an incredible, overwhelming feeling that must be.

As Britain prepares to host the London Olympics I’m sure that most people in the country will have dreamt about that moment happening to them at some point in their lives. Hopes are being pinned on our Olympians and as the pressure mounts it will be interesting to see how we perform against the world’s elite.

I recall many a time bounding across my living room and posing for photographs on my make-believe podium as I tried to imitate the great Jonathan Edwards.

What is great about events like these is the excitement and magic that it brings to children all over the globe. It is a chance for them to watch their heroes and dream of one day being able to emulate their success. It gives them hope and belief that they too can succeed and their dreams can come true.

In today’s world where childhood obesity and physical fitness is continually plaguing the modern child; it is important that events like the Olympics inspire children and urge them to put down their Xbox controller, get outside and play like children should.

A recent study by the Universities of Strathclyde and Newcastle found that many children 10 years or younger only perform physical activity for roughly 20 minutes per day. This is shocking.
So as London 2012 draws near let’s get in the spirit of the Games and get behind the nation in every way that we can. Take your children to the park and let them pretend that they are the ‘new and improved’ Sally Gunnell and let them be inspired.

But most of all let your children play.

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